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Reality (video) - Hardcore

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Reality Porn strikes again with BoyGirlBang.com, and it knocks one across the Bay with some of the most generous exclusive video content I have ever seen on an adult site. 

BoyGirl is a gorgeous, thoughtfully designed place run by "Phoebe", and she never misses a chance to document  hot action among the denizens of San Franciso (as far as I can tell, I think this is based here) and Los Angeles, where she heads often to see what kind of hook-up she can manipulate on-the-fly. Always the question: is it real? Some of it maybe, but nope, not all. Who cares, really. Phoebe "swears" up and down that it's real, but trust me...it's not. And who cares!  Like a recent review I wrote for Ericsnuts.com ( http://www.pornliving.com/index.php?Review=458 ), Phoebe's place is an loosely sketched Blueprint of Hump. The fact that she's a funny girl lends a freshness to the proceedings, and since we are so used to dudes being behind the camera (sometimes for better or worse), Phoebe's presence is a welcome one.

The pics are a plentiful lot, I mean you get thousands upon thousands here. Definitely can't complain about quality, and their candid nature is probably the most appealing aspect, but these are not the main show.


We're going to talk about the video, even though there are plenty of photos, because they are incidental... just a sprig of parsley really, positioned beside a far more interesting dinner plate of goodies. With your membership you get access to about 18 episodes (so far) divided into 9, sometimes 4-6 clips each, for a rough total of 18.5 hours of apple-fritter-crisp entertainment clarity. You can watch them in multiple formats, they can be had quickly despite the length, and they are yours to keep. And trust me, you're going to want to have these for your collection.

I got the hugest kick out of "Bob", the obese still-lives-at-home virgin getting his first sex ever. The poor fella, you just can't help feeling bad for the guy, and you just can't help laughing your ass off. If this guy is a ringer than I'd be shocked...it's great to see that Phoebe is doing what she can to correct man's inhumanity to man. And you gotta love her professionalism; even when taking care of her own "needs" she still keeps the camera squarely on the action, whether it's hot first-time lesbian action in her complex jacuzzi, old man "Maverick" scoring a bogey, or the Lenny Kravitsesque "man with 2 asses"  (don't ask) scoring with a chick he met at the grocery store.

Another pleasant surprise is the "bonus" site...yeah, there's a little bit of bait and ad action here, but this extra stuff goes beyond what the normal site puts up as a sideshow, a truly entertaining diversion when you feel like heading off the main highway. Lots of videos, hot stories, etc., to tide you over until the headliner comes back on stage.


If the reality thing is your bag, then I can say, unequivocably...what are you waiting for?


One Month- $29.95 (recurring)






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